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The DNG jigging reel require minimum maintenance a critical advantage
in the demanding environment and conditions the reel is used in!
The DNG jigging reel uses on average 2 A (24V)
The DNG jigging reel can operate on 12 or 24 Volts
The DNG jigging reel is completely waterproof
The DNG jigging reel can “learn” to jig to your specific requirements
The DNG jigging reel requires minimum maintenance
The DNG jigging reels communicate with each other for the most
efficient operation

Constant development
DNG´s efficient research and development department is in
constant driving for improvements to adapt the reel for more
species of fish and uses world-wide. The needs and usage
and the requirements of users of the reel are under constant
observation by the R&D department.
Environmentally friendly
The fishing fleet is a part of an environmental conscious world.
Fuel consumption on jigging boats is amongst the lowest known
per tons of fish caught. Pollution caused by lost fishing gear is
minimal, and there is no impact on the seabed orand bottom
plants is none! We guarantee that a more environmentally
friendly fishing method is not available!

Wiring Diagram

 Wiring Diagram.pdf


The DNG jigging reel has many different fishing methods stored in the fixed memory, designed for fish species such as cod, pollock, mackerel and squid. Step jigging and various search systems are also available. The user can also design his own methods and store them in the memory. The DNG jigging reel is very reliable. The device is protected against polarity reversal and high or low voltage peaks. The DNG reel can operate on 12 – 24V, and will adapt automatically to the connected voltage from 12 – 24V. The DNG jigging reel can inform the user when coming up with fish. The device does so by signalling two short whistle blasts when the reel detects a fish, and two long blasts when it has hauled up the line. The reel also displays the depth at which the fish were caught. The reels can
communicate, to ensure the fish are kept beneath the boat for as long as possible, and ensuring that at least one reel is jigging while the others haul up to deliver fish.
The DNG jigging reel is manufactured by DNG in Iceland.
All mechanical parts of the reel (motor, drum and all visible gear), as well as software, are designed and manufacturedby DNG. Electrical components purchased from suppliers are superior quality.
The DNG jigging reel is subjected to strict quality control standards, where all adjustments are tested under variable conditions.


DNG on Mackerel

DNG Manual

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DNG Leaflet

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New Mackerel System

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